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Smallbrook Studio

Smallbrook Studio

The 'Nellie' Chronicles

This is an occasional gallery of pictures that I have taken of Nellie's adventures around the Isle of Wight. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed taking them. MR.



Driver Firestone looking a little anxious but releived as he and 'Nellie' emerge from the Dark Wood on the Witch Hollow Loop.


Driver Firestone

Driver Firestone and 'Nellie' testing the new waggon/chassis at Doormouse Nibbling.



Another time another day, Driver Firestone ponders as to how he and 'Nellie' might negotiate the collard dove feather that has fallen on the line.



Another shot of Driver Firestone and 'Nellie' and the new chassis with some sweet chestnuts on board for tea.



The Colonel returning from Blackgang with another barrel of his favorite. The picture was taken at Speedwell Curve, named after the flowers growing there and not after Driver Firestone's excessive pace, which rather shows on his face.



The Hon. Mrs. Hamilton has spotted something amongst the primroses that is causing her concern.



The Colonel and the Hon. Mrs. H. take the opportunity to shelter under the protection of a parasol mushroom at Creeping Halt whilst awaiting the train home.

That is all for the moment, thanks for looking at the Chronicles.