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Smallbrook Studio

Smallbrook Studio

Our 4mm scale Isle of Wight and Industrial Kits

Although the first kits that we produced were 7mm Narrow Gauge running on 00 gauge track, it was not long before a local model shop asked us if we could make a 4mm scale kit, namely the LSWR/SR/BR 10ton Road Van dia.1541 that ran here on the Island. After initally rejecting the idea as we wanted to stay with 7mm NG, we agreed. The kit that was mastered has gone on to be our all time best seller with sales of well into four figures - we have long since lost count and it has been the precursor of our current range of available 4mm scale kits and also those offered by Provincial Wagons of Irish prototypes.


Although some of our earlier kits require Dapol chassis to complete, we now persue the policy of mastering the correct chassis for a given kit. It is worth noting that polyurethane resin is an extremly good bearing material and given normal use and gentle lubrication with silicone grease, it does not require the insertion of any other bearing material such as brass.

4mm scale 00 gauge LSWR/SR/BR 10 ton Road Van dia. 1541

4mm scale 00 gauge Ulster Transport Authority Spoil Wagon used to transport rock rubble from a quarry to Belfast Lough to build the present motorway. Commissioned by Provincial Wagons.

5.5mm Scale Running on 00 Gauge Track

The idea of using 16.5mm gauge 00 track to model 3ft gauge railways, to my knoweledge, goes back to Maurice Dean and his delightful model of Rye station of the Rye and Camber Tramway, inside an oval of track on a 2ft x 4ft base board, an article about this model appeared in the Railway Modeller in the 1950's. Since then a number of mainly Irish 3ft models have appeared.


The tiny Bachmann H0 'Thomas' range Bill/Ben is a prime target for conversion to this scale and we now offer a conversion kit to make the loco into a 3ft gauge Peckett saddle tank. We plan to add further kits to this range as time and hopefully demand permits.

7mm scale Narrow Gauge running on 00 Gauge Track, 0n16.5 or 0e - 1/45 scale.

Our largest range of kits, where we started and we are still expanding with many more kits planned. 00 gauge scales about 2ft 4ins in 7mm scale and is comparable with the

Tal-y-llyn, Corris, Campbelltown and Macrihanish railways and the Glyn Valley Tramway and our models reflect this size range - British 2ft gauge being generally smaller and 2ft 6ins larger.


Many of our loco body kits are designed to fit onto the basic Hornby 0-4-0 chassis often known as 'Smokey Joe', we do offer kits for other chassis but the supply of many chassis can vary with the Hornby chassis seeming to go on and on and they are also abundant on the second hand market, hence our choice. One tip: if you are buying a second hand Hornby 0-4-0 loco for it's chassis, do ensure that it has been made in China, the chinese chassis are the more recent and are generally far better made and far more controllable and also check the state of the gears, they can clap out.


We are very aware that many 7mm narrow gauge layouts are quite small, so we tend to make kits to suit, this does mean that long coaches are not in our list but the alternative would be to reduce the scale or miss out a compartment or window or two as many of the large manufacturers do!


Our Hudswell Clarke loco body kit 'IRIS' on a Hornby chassis heads a train of our Glyn Valley Tramway stock on ordinary 00 gauge flexible track. The coaches and van body kits are running on Dapol waggon chassis

7mm scale Narrow Gauge running on 'N' gauge track - 09.

The idea is to model railways with 15inch gauge track that run in parks or serve large country estates in 7mm scale espousing the principals layed down by the late Sir Arthur Heywood Bt. with his Duffield Bank and Eaton Hall Railways.


We have rather left this scale to others but because we have a few models suitable for this scale/gauge combination have offered them with some success and now also stock Dapol chassis to suit our kits.


We are planning a locomotive body kit but as with all these things, it depends on demand and our available time.

1/35 & 1/32 scale Narrow Gauge running on 'H0/00' gauge track.

1/35 scale works out at about 8.7mm to 1ft. so trains in this scale running on 00/H0 gauge track are running on scale 1ft 10.75ins. gauge, from this it is clear to see that modelling in this scale is ideal for 60cm or 2ft. gauge railways.


I have found mastering kits in this scale very enjoyable but for some reason, although the scale is hugely popular world wide with military modellers and offers a vast range of kits and bits, it is not so with railway modellers. It is a lovely scale to work in and I would urge you, that if you are looking for something a bit different but still close to the main stream to take a look at this scale, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.


Again, more kits are planned but it does depend on demand.

Gn15 or 1/24 scale Heywood style Narrow Gauge running on 'H0/00' gauge track.

In much the same way that 09 models are of Park and Estate 15inch gauge railways in 7mm scale, Gn15 is similar but to the larger scale of 1/2" to 1ft and running on H0/00 gauge track; with again the Hornby 0-4-0 basic chassis is the basis of many locomotive models.


The scale is quite rapidly gaining in popularity and this is probably due to the large scale and the ability to put a lot into a small space to produce a very compact but well detailed layout.


The number of prototype lines that have been built in 15 inch gauge and their locomotives and stock are limited but many modellers in this scale have turned this to their advantage allowing their imagination to build their own 'might have been' lines and the trains that ran on them.


Our range of kits in this scale has been static for too long and new additions are in hand and have now been made available.

Gn15 or 1/24 scale Rowland Emett style Narrow Gauge running on 'H0/00' gauge track.

Rowland Emett started life as an engineering draughtsman with aspirations of being a fine artist. During the Second World War he submitted some amusing drawings to the now defunct Punch Magazine and with encouragement from the editor, succeeded in getting some published. His querky humor and superb draughting skills made him one of Punch Magazine's staff cartoonists and he became very well known for his wry comments on the wartime and post war scene.


Emett's main vehicle for his drawings was a decrepit light railway that ran down the 'Cloud Cuckoo Valley' from Far Tottering to the sea at Oysterperch. It was a microcosm of Britian at the time. The railway and it's quaint and very tall locomotives (most of which were called 'Nellie') were very popular with the British public and in 1950 when the Festival of Britian was being planned, Emett was approached by the organisers to design and build a real 15inch gauge line to run at the Festival Gardens in Battersea, South London. The railway that was build with the help of Harry Barlow, a miniature railway operator from Lancashire, was a huge success, paying for itself in six weeks and subsiquently was instrumental in altering the course of Rowland Emett's career, for he then drew less but made more 'things' as he called them and he became probably Britian's greatest kinetic artist.


I have long been a fan of Emett, having discovered a book of his cartoons on my parent's book shelves as a child, which I liberated and still have.


In 2007 I decided to master one or two kits in Gn15 of Heywood style models but soon found that the demand at the time was small as were the number of prototypes, so I decided to 'have a go' at an Emett loco instead and I called it 'Nellie'.


The range is constantly being expanded due to the popularity of the models which are the ultimate in freelance modelling - your railway and you do what you want, with only one rule and that is 'there are no rules'.



'G' scale or 13.5mm to 1foot

The popularityof 'G' scale, that is 1:22.5 on gauge 1 track is considersble, due mainly to the products of the German toymaker Lehmann Brothers and LGB or Lehmann Grosser Bahn - grosser - german for large = G. American Bachmann have followed suit with their American 'G' scale at 1:24 and their 'G'scale 'Thomas the Tank Engine' ranges. The latter are in truth standard gauge scale models running on a scale 3ft 4inch track and if you are happy to accept that anomaly then the models are very reasonably priced for trains of this size.


Smallbrook Studio has developed a range of conversion kits to modify the 'Thomas' locos and coaches into 'real' trains with correct smoke box doors and other parts for added detail including lamps, loco back head fittings and coach parts such as interiors, brake and face replacement ends.

Since introducing my 1/2 inch scale Rowland Emett models, I have been asked on a number of occasions if I could produce something larger to run on 0 or 1 gauge track. We now offer a 'Nellie' loco, Festival coach and waggon kits in this super size. The definition 1.5 - 2" is done on purpose, the models are a 3x larger version of my 1/2" kits but with extended chimney and cab to permit the use of 2" scale figures such as Barbie, Ken and Action Man for population. Due to the sheer size of the parts, moulds have to be very large and special resin and great care has to be used to cast the largest parts to ensure success. 'Super Nellie' is designed to run on a Bachmann 'Percy' chassis and Driver Firebrand is a 12" artist's lay figure.

'E' scale or 1.5 - 2inches to 1foot scale on Gauge 1 track.