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I have decided that the NEWS page was too cumbersom in it's current format to continue and so I have changed to a BLOG format and here it is!


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Super Nellie

By m1ker, Sep 2 2016 04:34PM

Super Nellie's instructions are now written and the first orders are away and so , here is another photo of the finished loco.

The coach/waggon chassis should be available in the next few weeks to be followed on, quite quickly, by the Festival Coach body.

My lay figure driver, who I have named Driver Firebrand, very much needed a tall Emett like cap, so I have mastered one and I am including one in every Super Nellie kit that is sold; as usual it is in vacuum cast resin but it is hollow and consiquently very light. I also plan and so far have succeeded including a suitable feather, courtesy of our local wood pigeons.

Driver Firebrand recently saw a screening of Jean Renoir's film Le Bete Humain and was very impressed with the Cheminots on the Nord and their goggles and managed to find a second hand war surplus pair which he has worn ever since. Time has now turned full cycle and he is presently regarded as being a Steam Punk. I am afraid that if you also want a pair for your driver, you will have to source them yourself.

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