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New kit for Provincial Wagons

By m1ker, Apr 20 2017 08:48AM

Some of you are probably aware that I master and make kits in 4mm scale of Irish railways for Leslie Mcallister of Provincial Wagons. My latest kit for him is the rather odd looking CIE 'Double Beet' wagon, the kit is a development of the Bulleid corrugated open wagon that I mastered last year.

The original steel Bulleid open wagon chassis, which was unusual in itself with diagonal sole bars, rotted out fairly quickly but the bodies made from hot dipped galvanise lasted so the CIE stuck two of the old bodies on top of each other and put them onto redundant 20ft container chassis to produce high capacity wagons for carting sugar beet from the fields to the factory.

The model has required a lot of work to get it into production but I am happy to report that it is now well underway and will be on sale this weekend (22nd &23rd April) at the Bangor Show in Northern Ireland; along with a Skeleton Container Chassis Kit from the same wagon.

In the meantime, to anyone who has wondered why my normally prompt supply of orders has not been quite up to the mark, please accept my apologies but you now know and I hope that you understand.


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