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4mm scale 00 gauge CIE Bulleid Van Kits

By m1ker, Aug 5 2016 06:44PM

As many of you are probably aware, I master and manufacture Leslie MacAlister of Provincial Wagon's Northern Irish resin cast wagon kits and I have now been doing this for quite some years. Last year I produced a kit for the unique Bulleid corrugated open waggons of the CIE, the reason being that the wagons wandered all over the Irish railway system and were a common sight in the North.

Similarly the 12 ton vans built on the same 'diagonally' braced chassis also travelled all over the two systems.

I have now mastered and got these vans into production and they will very soon be with Leslie and on sale. The models are built to scale but are fitted with 00 gauge chassis, hence the title but if you are one of the few 21mm gauge modellers out there, adding your own axle boxes and wheel sets is pretty straight forward, as it is for all of my Irish kits.

Please don't try and buy these kits from me as I make them exclusivly for Provincial Wagons, where they may be purchased. A fitted version is to follow.

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