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Smallbrook Studio

Smallbrook Studio

16mm scale Locomotive Kit 'ELFIN' Improved


A new 16mm scale 1:19 vacuum cast resin side tank locomotive kit based on the Kerr, Stewart original 'SIRDAR' class. Now available in 45mm gauge with 40mm back to back wheels.

The kit makes a simple battery powered garden railway loco and is complete with everything required to make the model, now including a very much improved chassis with Slaters wheels, 4.5v high torque motor, brass worm gears, built in weight, forward and reverse lever and electronic speed control regulator but it requires 3 x AA batteries, glue and paint. The kit comes with good comprehensive clear instructions for building.

The ELFIN is also available as a foot plate and body kit without a speed controller for fitting to an LGB Stainz or chassis of your choice.

Dimensions: 235mm long x 90mm wide x 145mm high

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