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Smallbrook Studio

Smallbrook Studio

1:35 scale Plymouth Gas Mechanical Locomotive 'Black Bird' body kit.


A locomotive based on the narrow gauge Plymouth gas locos.

The kit is designed to fit onto the Tenshodo 'Spud' 35mm wheel base with 13.5mm dia. wheels, alternatively a dummy spud chassis in resin can be supplied for builders of scale dioramas.
A further version for converting the Model Power Plymouth switcher is also available.

The kit parts are cast in polyuretane resin and the kits are complete except for glue and paint.
The kit for installing the spud has supplied with it NEM pocket tension lock couplings that are easily fitted with Kaydee couplings and the buffer beams are as the front at both ends.
The kit with the dummy spud has buffer beams as those at the back.

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