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Smallbrook Studio

Smallbrook Studio


The original concept for these kits was to produce simple ready to run models made to fit onto existing chassis from large manufacturers, this idea had been done many times before Smallbrook Studio but was most certainly worth repeating, further, due to the softer rtv (room temperature vulcanising) rubber used for resin casting moulds, as opposed to white metal casting, larger and more complex assemblies may be cast without difficulty in resin, so that a 'simple' white metal kit of about 36 castings may be produced in resin in about 12 castings. It was from this concept that our kits have been developed.


The same tools used to build white metal kits will suffice for resin but as resin is softer than white metal, fewer tools and generally less effort are required.


A cutting mat, a 3" square, a Swann Morton scalpel with No.11 blades, fine files, 180 grade sand paper, pin chuck(s) with drills from 0.5mm to 1.6mm, a fine pair of pliers, ideally smooth jawed, end cutters and fresh medium super glue such as Loctite will get you started.


The kits come with good clear instructions on how to build and paint, the paint and glue you source yourself. Depending on your ability an 'ECHO' or 'CLIO' kit can be built in an evening of enjoyable modelling by a relative beginner. If you have any doubts about your ability, try a van or open waggon kit first and if you get get stuck(!) phone us for we are here to help, remember we are keen modellers ourselves.

Suitable basic tools from my work bench.